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What's the best way to study for an exam on four topics in one week?

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It does not count in the long run but if I fail it I will not be able to continue HL Bio, and will not get my diploma :mellow:. I'm at a level 1-3. I want to get a level 5 to raise my average so that I do not fail. But I barely know anything at all. The topics are 1, 2, 7 and 8. I feel like I really just need to memorize the Oxford study guide for those topics to get a 7. Is memorizing all that possible if I have NO background knowledge. I have 1 week. What to do.

(Fail by School's Standards / Translation of Levels to Marks)

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Okay, so Chapter 2 is the largest topic, and we're only just covering 8 now (haven't started 7) so I can't give you advice on those. However, some general advice:

  • Revise every day from now. If you're memorising, you need to ingrain it into your brain. Set aside at least an hour each day for pure biology revision. Cramming four topics into one week is very difficult, especially with no background knowledge, but it looks like you'll have to do it.
  • There are structures that you need to know (glucose, ribose, fatty acids, phospholipid bilayers, prokaryotic cells, eukaryotic cells, etc.) - draw them out every day
  • Know your applications and skills! This is mostly knowledge from the book that is applied, so you can kill two birds with one stone by revising them together
  • Nature of sciences depend on whether your school focuses on them. Ideally, they should be, but if they never have, chances are you can get away with just skimming over them. Perhaps write down the case studies and revise them today, tomorrow, three days after that, and then right before the text.
  • Do not panic. That will not help. Also, don't study straight. Take breaks every 25 minutes for 5 minutes, then get back and study again.

I have to go study, but I'll update this later. I can not confirm that this will help, but try your best to cover all the topics - don't skip any topics. Also, (presuming you haven't studied at all/made notes as you said that you have no background knowledge), please please please study more for your future tests and exams. Don't let yourself get into this situation again.

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What's good is that the units are related. Start with 1 and 2 and study those THE MOST. You should then have enough background to tackle the HL topics.

Definitely follow the advice of the person above. Every skill is important.

If you want an online resource, check out http://ib.bioninja.com.au/. It's a summary of every Bio topic. It may miss a few details, but it's super condense so you can learn the fundamentals really quickly.

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