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Social and Cultural Anthropology - guns in the United States

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Hello! I just finished my junior year of DP, and my final year of high school begins in late August. My first rough draft of the Extended Essay is due in early September, and I have some qualms about how to approach the essay this summer. 

My subject is Social and Cultural Anthropology, and my current question is "What is responsible for the high rate of gun ownership in the United States of America?" 

The majority of my worry stems from the fact that my school does not offer IB Social & Cultural Anthropology, and thus I am not well-versed in the subject as a whole. I am searching online for as much information on the subject as possible, but I am unable to find a complete syllabus. 

I am very interested in the topic of gun culture, and the field of cultural anthropology is extremely fascinating to me, but I don't want to waste my time if there is no chance for me to score well. I am willing to do a lot of reading to become familiar with IB's standards for Social & Cultural Anthropology, but if it's too difficult without an instructor there's no reason for me to continue. 

Should I abandon this EE and start again? 

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