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English A LAL - HL or SL?

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I have to choose whether I shall push through IB with English A LAL as a HL subject or if I would be in better shape taking the SL course.

Mind you that I am taking 4 HLs, but have to downgrade either my French B or English A LAL to SL.. I was wondering if the HL course is so much more work, especially if you were taking Biology and Chemistry at HL. 


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I'd drop French. Universities typically like to see HL L &L. Also, if you aren't experienced with French, you'll had quite the workload with SL already.

In the end, its your call since you know about which subject you are more confident in.

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English LaL HL is by far one of my hardest subjects and I struggle a lot with it. A big reason is because you need a lot of strength in essay writing primarily, as well as some skill in the creative writing department for Written Tasks.

It still depends though, some of my friends are excelling in the subject as they're innately strong at the subject. Mind you, taking 4 HLs with double science HL is really difficult; most of the people I know taking a double science HL combo usually take a Language B that they're in strong in as HL since it mitigates a lot of workload -- you really need to maximize your grades in those two science subjects.

But if you think you're able, you should still definitely try out for 4 HLs and then possibly drop one later on if needed.

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