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Common question I know but i really need some help. I'm joining IB this year and I'll be focusing on something English career wise I think. So based on that, could i get some tips on subject selection? That does make a difference right? 

My school offers these subjects:

English Lit


Business management/ Economics




visual arts

So I was thinking of going with this combo:

English Lit [HL]

French [sl]

Business management/Eco [HL]

Bio [HL}

Math [ SL or studies I'm not sure but basically math isn't my strong suit...at all. That's why Bio]

 Psych {SL}




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I think you definitely have a solid schedule. English Lit HL is the hardest English course available so you will definitely be prepared for an English university program. Also, Psych is very essay based which will also play to your strong suit.

It's a good choice to pick Bio because it has the least math in it and it is memory-based. Also, there are long-answer questions that require good communication skills which you could do well at.

If you don't need Math to apply to university, take Studies. It will be less work so you can focus on your other courses.

If you REALLY don't like math, then don't take Economics. There are a lot of calculations and there's an entire paper (Paper 3) dedicated to economics math. 

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