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Maths Studie in the US

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I took my Maths Studies exam this April and am still waiting on my result to know whether or not i will be re-doing it next year. When applying to the US, do they recognise Maths Studies as a subject? If i want to study International relation, politics or psychology??


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What do you mean by recognise? If you mean would you be offered credit for Math studies then probably not. Will you be doing the IB diploma or just maths studies? If you're doing the diploma, it wouldn't really stand out that you've done maths studies. And it wouldn't really matter because you don't want to study maths intensive courses. Psychology has quite a bit of statistics, so does maths studies. Also by doing the IB diploma you would have met the requirements of some of the competitive universities which ask students to challenge themselves with their highschool courses, and that the IB diploma does. 


If you're not taking the IB diploma and maths studies is just one of the IB certificates you're doing in addition to other courses and subjects again, it won't really just stand out as in a negative way.


 Long story short: Maths studies in itself shouldn't negatively affect your admissions chances.




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