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Does anyone else think IB Psychology is a bit of a joke?

Is IB Psych a joke?  

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  1. 1. Is IB Psych stupid?

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    • OP's stupid and blaming it on IB

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You get all the questions beforehand, and you have to memorize ten 800-word essay answers and two 300-word short answers for each level of analysis. I'm taking IB Psych, and it seems to be assessing our ability to memorize information rather than our interest and capability in the subject.

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Yo I'm taking IB Psch SL next year and can you give me a break down of how the class works? Are you saying that everyone can get basically the same answer?

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You have the option to choose how to study. You don't need to memorize essays. You could also learn to write in scientific language and define psychology terms, learn of different methods of research, how groundbreaking studies changed our thinking entirely, and how these theories have evolved as new research has been done. You can learn about memory, language, emotions, how genetics can affect our minds, how to maintain relationships. Your examiner will know whether you are utilising all you've learned throughout the two IB years in the essay or if you are producing a pre-learned essay.

Also, you should write more.

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