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I saw some people making syllabus notes based on each point on the syllabus. It was like "7.1.1 Outline the characteristics of chemical and physical.." followed by 7.1.2 and so on. However, I could not find them in the syllabus. All I could find were "7.1 Equilibrium" with several bullet points under Understandings. Anyone know where I can get those specific 7.1.1? Please help me. Also, any tips when making own notes with syllabus?

Thanks in advance


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That's from the old syllabus the specific syllabus points. From 2016 onwards the new syllabus is a bit more ambiguous so that a wider range of questions can be asked in the exam. 


The new syllabus has a bullet point format.  


A copy of the 2016 onwards syllabus:


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