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Preperation for Mathematics HL

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I don't take Maths HL and even in SL I'm already struggling.. But my friend who just came in to the DP a semester late quickly aced all Maths HL topical tests thrown at him, and even got a 6/7 for his recent mock exam. 

He said he mostly practiced and went through the textbook even while he was away so he didn't miss too much content -- you could try and work through some of the syllabus too first and get ahead. If you google "IB Maths HL Guide 2016", you should be able to find a PDF version of it, which contains the full syllabus. Then, videos like Khan Academy are a great place to also enhance your learning of the topics.

Still though if I'm not mistaken, some Maths HL topics are first year university level of difficulty and the best thing you can do to try and prepare for it now before you actually enter the DP, is discipline yourself to have good study habits.

I've heard a story of someone starting off with a 4 for Maths HL, but then by waking himself up every 4:30 in the morning and studying Maths until 6, he achieved a 7 in his final IB exams. 

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I disagree. You should look to consolidate your previous knowledge. Look through the HL prior learning topics, as found on the Math HL guide. For example, "Manipulation of linear and quadratic expressions, including factorization, expansion, completing the square and use of the formula": you need to be do most of this in very little time, maybe 30 seconds. You don't just need to know these topics, but you need to be able to apply them rapidly and efficiently

Also, HL Math is difficult not because that it covers university-level topics, but because for half of the finals, each question combines multiple topics. And I don't mean algebra and geometry, I mean calculus and probability, algebra/trig/complex numbers, complex numbers and permutations, etc. It goes beyond just learning a formula and apply it. For this reason HL Math remains harder than some of the second year university math classes I have taken. You would not like to lose marks because of careless mistakes in factoring or in other prior learning topics. 

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It seems that you already have an answer in mind and you just want others to say what you are looking for. Frankly, I don't understand why a person getting 99% in math, would want others' advice in studying math. Or even, why the same person would reject the advice he asked for. The two commentors before me suggested to read ahead (or watch videos), and I suggested to review. There really isn't another option, but only variations on these. We presented arguments on both sides but it's up to you to formulate a plan. You can't expect strangers to make detailed 10 hr/day plan for you, for free. You have access to the new syllabus and books and internet.

Also, as a friendly reminder, most post-secondary admissions look at overall marks, instead of just one subject. Math HL was not the class I struggled in the most. 60 out of 70 people took Math HL in my graduating class when SL was an option and a handful of 7s every year so don't be tricked into thinking 7 in HL Math is the highest achievement in IB. If you are willing to spend 10 hours / day on studying, I would recommend a mix of subjects over just math. 

These, and those previously mentioned in others' posts, are not what you are looking for, but are good advice entering Math HL.

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