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Hey everyone,

I have been researching for a biology ee topic to work on but it's been almost a month and I have nothing doable in hand. My Biology teacher, (who is most likely going to be my advisor) has very little to no experience with extended essay and is advising me to choose another subject.  I want to major in Bioengineering and Bio HL is my favorite subject, I also want this to help me with admissions and I aim at mentioning this work in my applications but EVERY SINGLE teacher of mine advises me to change my subject as a group 4 EE is apparently extremely difficult to get an A in. I have limited time before September, and there is not one teacher in my school willing to help me out with this, so I'm basically left alone.  I search for good examples of EE ideas from which I can produce something of my own; I'm interested in working with plants or something that involves the brain but I like bio as a whole so any recommendation is appreciated. It also would be great if I could do something that doesn't involve a long and advanced experimental process. I really am lost and anxious that it really isn't a good idea to do Bio if it's that difficult, but I also want to graduate with a work that will improve me in my area of interest and I also want to challenge myself by doing Bio, but when you have 0 support it's difficult to do so. I'm desperate for any suggestions, help, ideas and topic recommendations, and thank you.

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Do not let any teacher try and destroy your confidence to do a fantastic EE in biology. Do the lack of experience they are simply scared they will tell you wrong.

You say you would like to work with bioengineering in the future. Start there, think about something in that field that goes with the syllabus for bio (biotechnology). Think about topic points in this area and use that as a driving force to find your topic. I think using plants will work great for what you want to pursue. My one concern is that you may not be able to get the equipment necessary. So try and work with what you have and make something out of that! I hope this helped.

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