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hELP! Language B choices T T

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Apparently stuck in a tug of war right now T-T 

I'm Canadian, yet I have been raised in Hong Kong since the age of 4. Considering English as my first language, I learned the language Chinese by myself at the age of 9. I had taken french courses at the beginning of grade 10 and took a year's hiatus on Chinese. While talking this situation with my parents they think that I should just drop Chinese and study Language B French SL however, due to our school's teacher staff there is no one to teach French anymore, the only reply we got from our school was to hire a tutor ourselves and learn French without any help provided from the school. After taking the school's reply in consideration, my experience in learning Chinese at a normal standard level is just too much for myself, despite the fact that I can only speak in Mandarin and Cantonese, writing the language itself is the problem. 

Any comments and ideas if I should take Language B Chinese SL or Language B French SL? Please, and thank you!

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From what I've heard from my friends, Language B Chinese SL is ridiculously easy.

As someone who also takes a Language B subject (Indonesian), I'd say its really just a lot of emphasis on basic reading comprehension and a small degree of free writing. You won't need to write full-length essays or memorize long texts as well. 

If you have no teacher to support for you for French, I'd strongly recommend Chinese B SL. Having a dedicated teacher for a subject goes a long way, even if its the harder subject choice. 

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This doesn't apply to everyone, but you can study a language online for IB! Pamoja education offers ab initio French, Spanish and Mandarin. You could ask your IB coordinator if you could do the Spanish AB course if you can't decide

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