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Being more expressive

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I feel like my voice was caged. Purely by my own self. I put stuff off because I was closed to the world and to the others around me. I had a loners mentality for several years. Still kind of do. So I wrote and read many books in a bid to be more involved and understand the world around me. Still looking to break free from this.


Any advice.  Plain and simple.  Socialising in the real world.  And opening up personality wise.



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Well one way I deal with it is by using my social anxiety to my advantage. I convince myself that if I don't take the risk of socialising, everyone will think I'm a weirdo loser. Then another thing though, is just find people who you can get along with and who will accept you as you are and just chill with them, you don't need tons of friends, just the people you feel comfortable with.

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