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How to revise for Chem HL?

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I personally suggest consolidating your knowledge over all the content your teacher's gone over already. It's always fine to read ahead, but be aware that because your teacher isn't present (unless you have full contact with him/her over the break), carrying misconceptions/misunderstandings over the break can be dangerous.

I no longer take Chemistry HL as I've decided to pursue a Business related major in uni, but most of the topics we've covered (Topics 1-7) had pretty easy HL content, however Atomic Bonding HL still was rather challenging and it's what a lot of my HL classmates struggled with. So if you struggled with any previous topics in the past, it's best that you spend the holidays solidifying your understanding in those areas instead of going too far ahead. 

A study routine that was really helpful for me is as follows:

Revise old notes --> make newer, more concise and condensed notes from textbooks/Youtube/Khan Academy/Presentations, and most importantly the syllabus --> do the practice questions on the textbook -> email teacher if you still have difficulty understanding concept

Honestly that's the most important tip I think: make sure your notes are in line and aligned with the new syllabus, since it emphasizes more on strong, conceptual understanding instead of rote taking. 

I use the Pearson Longmann Chemistry Textbook for the new syllabus and found it to be slightly better than the Oxford one, so I definitely recommend using it if you haven't already. 

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Guest IB 12th grader

You could check out the following resources:

  1. Revise notes (no substitute for this)
  2. Crash Course Chemistry Youtube
  3. IBID Chemistry book (good for practice)
  4. Pearson Chemistry book (good for HL Explanation)
  5. Oxford Chemistry (good for basic revision)
  6. Khan Academy Chemistry
  7. Question papers from the past

Actually even after all of this, it all depends on your quality of notes and practice. Lastly, if you have any doubts, try to research that topic from different sources. For example, some topics of IB chemistry are often explained best in other books of AP chemistry and A levels Chem. However, be cautious when using such resources and know your syllabus well.

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