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Are my grades good enough?

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I have just finished MYP5 (10th grade in pre-IB) and my last report card had an average of 6.1 out of 7. I am really worried that this will affect my chance of getting into a competitive college. My results were:

Italian: 7,8,8,7 (final grade 7)

English: 6,7,7,7 (final grade 6)

Design: 6,7,7,6 (final grade 6)

History: 8,8,8,8 (final grade 7)

Physical Education: 5,5,4,5 (final grade 5)

Science: 6,4,6,6 (final grade 5)

Art: 6,7,5,6 (final grade 6)

Mathematics: 7,5,6,6 (final grade 6)

Spanish: 7,8,8,7 (final grade 7)

Are these grades good enough? Will Ivy league colleges laugh at me with these grades?

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I honestly don't see how your grade 10 grades will play a role into you getting into university/college. Even if they look at them (debatable), they are not nearly as important as the DP years. If your'e really concerned, commit the next two years to making an improvement in all your subjects, this will tell the unis that you are hardworking and dedicated. 

Regardless, your grades are fine. Like, better than fine. I'm actually really confused as to why you would think they aren't??? the Ivy's definitely wouldn't laugh at you haha. At all. Unless they really cared about gym.

Good luck!

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Yea most schools honestly don't care about Grade 10, even if you're in MYP. Your last year of schooling (final year of IB) will be the most important. You have really good grades. You should be really proud and maybe even celebrate a little! Being confident in your abilities will really help in DP

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Like everyone else is saying, your DP courses and scores will greatly outweigh anything from Grade 10. Your DP scores are more important. 

However, your grades are excellent! You have absolutely nothing to worry about! If this is any indication as to how you will do in DP, you'll do a superior job!

Best of luck!

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