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Self-taught, retaking first year

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during my first year of IB, I was struggling mostly with my grades, due to the fact that I had many issues with myself and now I'm told to change to another certificate. The last thing that comes to my mind is dropping IB, because I don't see a point in doing certificate in my country, because basically it is worth nothing. Is it possible to retake year one eventhough my school forces me to do it or should I look for another one? Is it possible to start self-taught program?

Hope you will anwser my questions

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It is possible but it depends on whether your school will allow you. You'll have to have a talk with your coordinator and explain why you think it'll be different if you start again. If they don't allow you too you'd have to do it at another IB school/ college. It could help going to a new school, having a fresh start. If by "self-taught program" you mean doing IB completely independent of an IB school it's not possible, you have to be registered at an IB school to take IB exams, then there'd be the issues of having your internal assessments graded and sending them off etc.   

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