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Help with derivation

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For my IA i need to derive this equation i dont even know where to start

my question is 

How does the terminal velocity of a sphere through fluid depend on the fluids temperature?


i know how to calculate these values, just how to i get to this equation. it was given to me in confidence but I need to prove in the write up thati  know how to do this


Screen Shot 2016-06-20 at 12.11.27 p.m..png

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Unfortunately, it is IB policy that others cannot provide direct assistance in an IA, including derive a formula for you. That being said, if you find an explanation online, such as on a university physics page, you can cite it. 
One way you can verify if the formula is correct is to use dimension analysis. If μ is viscosity, then there is no temperature unit anywhere to cancel to temperature term on the top, so I don't think the formula is correct.  

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