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Hey guys,

I am doing the IB diploma starting from August. My goal is to get a 40. Here are my IB subjects -

HL - Chemistry, Economics, English Lang/Lit

SL - Math, Physics, Spanish

What major can I apply for with this IB subject combination? And are my subjects doable to get a 40? 

Thanks a lot :) 

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Any subject combination has the possibility of getting a 40. It just depends on whether you took courses you're good at.

As for the major, you have a lot of options available. You can pursue a business degree (since you have HL Econ and L&L) or a science degree (because of HL Chem). Humanities/Social Sciences is another good choice, and can be a good start for a law degree. You maybe have a chance at engineering (emphasis on maybe) because you have Chem, Math and Physics (however many prestigious schools don't like SL Math or SL Physics)

Anyways don't decide now. Once you're partway through IB, ask yourself what courses you truly enjoy and what ones you hate. That will give better insight as to what major you should pursue.

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Your classes in high school don't determine your major. So you are free to make a decision. It might things easier for you, but it's not a hold you back factor.

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