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I am having trouble creating my fieldwork question for my geography IA. We did our primary research regarding the urban heat island effect and the only question I have is - 

Is Moshi Town heavily affected by the urban heat island due to its growing population?  


Is it suitable? 

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Your questions should be answered with the data you already have or can be found easily. Ultimately because only 3 marks for quality of FWQ, you would want to be able to fully answer the question and not attempt a topic too broad or complex. There are some of the improvements you can make.
1) "heavily": The fieldwork question (FWQ) should be clearly phrased such that you don't need to dedicate lots of words to clarify (there is no word count on the FWQ!). Maybe you want to use some index or specific temperature changes as comparison means. 

2) "affected": You should specify what type(s) of impacts. Economic? Social? Environmental? Meteorological? One of these should be enough.

3) You want to place some time contraint, such as in the last few years, which depend on the data you have.

4) Causality is very hard to establish in a high school geography paper, try to only justify a correlation in FWQ, and propose some likely causes near the conclusion without spending too much time on those.

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