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Help Choosing Subjects: HL Physics or Visual Arts or BIology?

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Hello all,

I need help choosing my HL subjects for next year. Right now, I have chosen HL Chemistry, Psychology, SL Math, English A, Chinese A. However, I am struggling on the last HL choice between VA, Physics and Biology. I personally do not like to do math calculations. I though about taking VA because I won several international visual arts competitions. However, my school teachers, on the other hand, say that Biology would be an advantage to those who would want to study Dentistry.

Will taking HL Visual art instead of two HL sciences decrease my chances of getting into a science program (dentistry) at a prestigious uni like Hong Kong University? 

Thanks for your input.

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To your last question, I think it's a yes -- Chemistry HL is the definite prerequisite but most schools would often prefer a second science subject to accompany it. 

Optionally, you could take Arts as a CAS project and put your victories at those competitions on your application as it'll definitely set you apart from other candidates. P

Physics has a lot of maths calculations and it involves a lot of problem solving whilst Biology is more reliant on understanding many concepts and making connections between them (though the latter can arguably be applied to any other subject as well). 

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If you really want to pursue a career in the sciences, HL Bio and HL Chem is definitely recommended especially for a prestigious university like Hong Kong. Dentistry requires a fair bit of biology to get into, so why not start learning some now?

You can certainly continue art through CAS and you can possibly incorporate art in your Extended Essay if you want (must be analytical though)

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