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Good Afternoon to anyone who reads this! So I am pursuing an extended essay in biology, specifically biotechnology. Basically my topic has to do with analyzing protien profiles of four different muscle tissues for relatedness thus representing the process of evolution amongst species. I have my lab planned out and all but my problem is trying to figure out which species I can use. I want to use four species that can truly show the process of evolution so if anyone can help that would  be great! Make sure that it isnt something testable like a cow or goat. Nothing absurd and not doable please!

Also, my other concern is not being able to get the ingredients/materials necessary to run my lab. Should I talk to my supervisor about obtaining these materials? My final problem is finding a lab that I can do my experiment in because we have to write the extended essay in the summer with my school and the EE coordinator wants the essays to basically be ready for the proof reading session by the time we get back to school but I really can't control the fact of me being unable to access the school lab during the summer because of lack of supervison. So should I go ahead and write what I can and get in the lab the second school starts back up or what?

Thanks to anyone who is willing to help me with my pursuit!!!!

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