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Hi all.

I have been told to come up with a subject and a rough research question for my EE. 

I spent the whole day reading and having classes about the EE, and I have decided that I am going to be writing it on Biology. I already know that this subject is quite hard to get a good grade on, however it is the only topic in which I am passionate about enough to write my EE. (I am not willing to change subject or topic).

So far I have a few rough ideas on what I want to do:

  • Specific diets and their impact upon heart problems 
  • Something on hormones
  • Why certain vitamins are needed by the human body
  • How weight, exercise, smoking and stress contribute to heart diseases.
  • Energy needed by the body

I have a lot of interest in these subjects, however I have found it hard to come up with research experiments that are needed for me to be able to write a good EE. Do you have any ideas? I know that I cannot really experiment much on the human body, so this is why I have found it hard to come up with ideas.

People have suggested the idea of exercising and eating different amounts of calories etc and seeing the effect on blood and heart rate etc. over a period of weeks, however I feel this might not be original enough for an EE? Any advice on this?

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