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In French, do IB examiners give any slight leeway on Paper 1?

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Hi there,

So on Paper 1 you generally have to be really specific when giving the answers to certain questions, especially questions of the type, "Quelle expression montre que ..." (Which expression shows that...), and I was wondering if IB examiners give you any slight leeway if your answer isn't exactly the same as the one in the markscheme but the important stuff is there, which shows that you understand the text but you didn't know every part to include.

For example, this year's Paper 1 had a question in Text B that was like list two disadvantages of a multilingual society, and I wrote:

(a): "La vie economique ... plus complique."

(b): "La vie sociale ... plus conflictuelle."

However, the text said "La gestion de la vie sociale...", which is the management of social life. I had included la gestion before but I crossed it out so I'm really worried if I'm just gonna be taken off 2 marks just like that for not including la gestion. I still show that I understand the text since I pull out pretty much exactly the sentence that I need but I just didn't include that initial la gestion part... so is it safe to say that I'd be given some leeway here since it's obvious that I understand what they're asking for, I just didn't know exactly how to put it?


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Talking to some friends from other schools taking Indonesian B as well as my own teacher, they all say its still generally fine to quote roughly the entire sentence (if its not too long) instead of just the few keywords appearing in the marks scheme.

That said, if you write a wall of text with multiple key ideas instead of the one that answers the question, it would still be marked wrong.  

In the mark scheme, there would occasionally be words that are underlined; these words need to be present in the answer in order to receive the mark.

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On 7/3/2016 at 10:46 PM, turtle turtle said:

The word gestation isn't a key word, because the meaning is the same without it, so I don't think they would have that marked 'necessary' in the markscheme

Thank you for clearing that up, I was getting really nervous about this... Cheers.

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