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Math IA Cooling

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Hey guys! I´m doing my math IA on the cooling of a car engine. I was expecting to get an exponential decay regression but I got a logarithmic regression.I collected my own data using a sensor thermometer, Im using non- linear regression. I don´t know how to make the outline of my investigation. Should I use Newton´s Law of Cooling? Maybe try do the exponential regression and find the coefficient correlation and then compare to the logarithmic´s and go against the alleged ¨exponential decay function for thermodynamics? I´m not aiming to get a 20, too frustrated for that. I need a 16 to get a 6 in the IB which was my predicted before the IA came.


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If you add in Newton's Law of Cooling, that should be more than enough. You don't really need super advanced math at either SL or HL level, you just have to clearly explain your steps such that there are no logical leaps. If you are going to use Newton's  Law of Cooling, you should at least explain why it is applicable (hint what are the conditions that the Law will and will not be applicable?) 

You should also avoid complex math in data correlation, because no matter how complicated you go, that's still Math Studies SL; Math SL is about explanations and logical deductions rather than application of multiple formulae. 

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