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Question about CAS

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I  just finished IGCSE and i am going to study IB next year, however i am really confused about CAS. Below are few questions that i wanted to ask

1) what does it mean by having a supervisor and can it be my teachers or other adults that i know which are not my family members ?

2) If i volunteer for hospital services during this summer will the hours be counted?

3) For the action part does it count if i swim on my own without joining classes, and if it does what do i need to do to prove that i exercised?

Thx a lot


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1) The supervisor can be teachers or other adults, however, they can't be family members. 

2) They might, but they also might not; talk to your CAS coordinator when you start school again; but, still go ahead with that work experience, it'll be valuable whether it counts for CAS or not. 

3) For Action, you need a supervisor, someone watching you do the activity, note - I don't think this can be one of your family members. The supervisor will watch your progress with swimming, and will then fill out a supervisor form that you provide. Swimming on your own may not count for CAS though; check this with your CAS coordinator. 


Hope this helps ^_^

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There is a new CAS guide, effective next year. 

To clarify what @Oscarthecat3has said, CAS is the one of the few IB components that are not quite standardized across schools, until now. The general interpretation is that the supervisor does not have to physically supervise every session, but just monitor the overall progress and verify that you done what you claimed. You may, in most circumstances, ask a friend to videotape or take pictures of you as proof that you did the activity, such as swimming, and submit that to your supervisor. Because the CAS will be different next year, you should read the document carefully and consult with your supervisors/coordinators. 

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