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What subject do I take for a Computer Science Major?

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I'm gonna go for a Computer Science or a Computer Engineering Major once I complete the IB Diploma Program. I know Maths and Physics are the most import subjects for these majors so my list right now is...

Maths HL
Physics HL
Computer Science HL
Chemistry SL
English SL
*French Ab

The thing I'm doubting is French, I don't have any past knowledge about French (that why Ab). I've known that the exams are pretty basic and easy so that should increase my final score. Will the Universities be fine with it? The only other option left is Hindi, at which I suck and don't have an interest to study.  

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Your subject selection makes sense for the most part. There is potentially malleability with the level of Physics, you will be fine with SL, but you might have to do English HL. The only thing I can say regarding French ab initio is its not as easy as its made out to be, especially the oral examination. For myself, I find it to be manageable with due diligence applied to learning enough vocabulary and practicing its uses. Intuitively, I would say your choice of language acquisition does not effect your entrance into Engineering/Computer Science at un university. If you feel confident that French ab initio will get you 7 points, I urge you to choose it. 

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Ask nearby universities/colleges if a second language matters. For example in Canada, only English and the sciences/maths matter for engineering and computer science. 

Ab initio courses are a lot of work. It's a lot to learn in a short amount of time. However you should just try it anyways since you need a second language in IB. Just plan extra time for it and get a tutor if one's available.

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