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How to Prepare for Two HL Sciences?

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Hey all,

So next year I'm entering the DP. These are my subjects: HL Chemistry, HL Biology, HL Language and Literature, SL Math, SL French, SL Business Management.

Many people say that doing HL Bio and Chem together is going to be really hard, but I'm up for the challenge. Has anyone here done the two HL sciences together? Is there any way I can prepare (other than great time-management skills)? Is it possible to score high overall? And just curious to know: how much free time do you all have with this combination, just so I can predict how much I can do with my non-academic life ;)

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Hello there I have done the 2 HLs in the last 2 years. Yes, having two HL sciences is a tough decision and waste a lot of my time especially in IAs and lab reports.  Before every class, I tend to prepare for Biology and Chemistry by reading the study guides for both subjects. Moreover, if I have any questions that I do not understand, I will ask my science teachers immediately. It is possible to score high because for my own personal experience, my predicted grades for Chemistry and Biology are 7 and 6. 

Even though I have mentioned that 2 HL sciences can be very time-consuming, I have a lot of free time except for the IA period. I can do 4 CAS activities like volunteering in 2 organizations, holding human rights awareness activities in local community, gyming, etc. However, my friends who have 2 HL science (Bio and Chem) do not have as many free time as I do, so it really depends on your speed and preparation. 

Preparation is the key to every subjects, but for science, preparation and determination (also very good memory and patience for Bio + Chem). Good luck. 


P.S: I have done 2 sciences for almost 3 years prior to IBDP, so I find time management easier. 



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