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Telling Lies

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This topic arose during my ToK lesson today an let's say it lit up quite a fire. It left me intrigued concerning mainly the ethics behind this question.

Immanuel Kant has written that lying is always wrong, even if a lie would bring out the best consequences.
At first, I didn't agree, but then it occured to me that the second half of the sentence was pure speculation: you can not know the 'otherwise' effects.

I can think of many examples where lying might be useful and where it is in our daily lives, such as Santa Claus, a doctor teeling a patient he has a chance to live when he has a very slim chance, placeboes, white lies...

I'd like to hear some more opinions!

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I think in some cases lying may be okay.
Like in the case of placeboes, as you said. It relies on lies, and it helps people.

But indeed people do say ends dont justify the means.

Still, I believe lying can be acceptable.

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I do not think that lying is ever best, unless in extreme situations where lying would save many lives, etc.

However, in the case of placebos, patients taking a drug not yet available for general use are aware that some of them will be getting a placebo and others will be getting the actual drug; therefore, this scenario helps people without relying on lies.

And I agree, the end rarely justifies the means.

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lying questions morals

we have poks here:

bias: who decides wif its right or wrong
limitation: we're limited to knowing what is right or wrong

woks: religion, states that lying is wrong eg. 10 commandments, the qran, etc etc

just go in detail and you'll be fine

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