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Help needed with Biology IA SL topic

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Guest natjim

Hello everyone!

I have been looking for an IA subject in Biology and wanted to work on something related to corals, since it is a topic discussed in the "Ecology" section. So far, The current question I want to answer is "What is the effect of carbonic acid on limestone in marine conditions?", which delves into the topic of ocean acidification  but am afriad that this question goes too much into chemistry rather than Biology.  What do you all think? Is this more chemistry oriented? If so how can I still talk about corals but keep it in Biology? 

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Sorry for the late response. I think your IA would be fine for bio, as it explores topic 4.3 and 4.4. Yes you are focusing on the chemical aspect; but it should work; as that is what's causing the acidification. Maybe look at how the acid damages the coral, and what impact that has on the surrounding food chain as well as the survivability of other aquatic species. You could also explore Natural selection through human disturbance. These are just some examples though. 

Hope this helps ^_^ 

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