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Our school offers - English Language and Literature and English Literature at HL . I plan on taking one of these but dont know the difference , Im decent at english I did english language in igcse and didnt really care for it , I have never done literature . Which one would be easier for me ?

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If you have finished your IGCSEs already, shouldn't your exams be in 2018...?

As you didn't provide us with much info I (or others who are in or graduated the diploma) can't help a lot.

From what I've read and have been told by my teachers, English Lang&Lit is better for those who don't enjoy literature and have trouble analysing it. Language and literature course focuses also on the language itself (duh :P) and takes some pressure from mostly "pure analsysis". Since you've never done literature before, I would assume the LangLit course would be more adequate for you:


Also, when you're in IB you can't just "not care" any longer. These results can somewhat influence your future, and if you don't put hard work in then don't expect straight 7s in two years' time. IB isn't IGCSE where you can study the night before the exam and still come out with an A*, so change your working habits or you'll suffer in the two years of the course.


Oh, and please stop double-posting. It's really annoying for the mods and it won't make people read or respond faster. Thanks!

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HL L&L is easier and if you're not a 'literary genius' I definitely recommend it. For HL Lit, it's super helpful to have prior experience with critically analysing literature, although past experience isn't necessary. 

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