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Historical Investigation - Internal Assessment Help

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I now know that the historical investigation has been changed from last years (or a couple years back). Instead of sections A - F, it is now only 3 sections. A - C. 

A) Identification and evaluation of source (6 marks)

B) Investigation (15 marks)

C) Reflection (4 marks)

Can anyone who scored in the 7 (or 6) range help me out with how I should appropriate the word count? I obviously know that the investigation should have the vast majority, but since it has been shortened from sections A - F to A - C, should I look at last year's HI syllabus and bundle some of the earlier sections together to form A, some of the middle sections together to form B, and some of the later sections together to form C?

Any help would be appreciated, and if you could be thorough in detail it would also help as well.


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According to the attached file, which is "Teacher helpsheet designed by RJ Tarr at www.activehistory.co.uk based on the IBO mark schemes for the 2017 syllabus," it suggests 500 words for Identification and evaluation of sources, 1300 words for Investigation and 400 words for Reflection. 


Hope it helps :)



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