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During summer vacation, I am planning on writing a research paper about stem cells, what they are. 

It isn't going to be extremely complicated, but I'm interested in the topic and I'm planning on doing it.

Will this benefit my college application?

Thank you :)



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Directly, no. Some schools accept supplemental material such as research papers but most don't want it. But it might give you something to write about in an application essay.

It depends a lot on where you apply and what they want from you as part of your application.

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Not quite sure what you mean. It may be disingenuous to write a research paper for the sake of writing one and hopefully getting admitted to a top school. You should write it because you are interested in stem cells. Universities are experts on spotting stuff applicants do PURELY to boost their chances, and these schools are reluctant to accept those students. You should do whatever you are absolutely interested in and worry less about presenting a perfect you.

Also I think what IB meant by research paper is different from what you are about to write, that is IB look for more personal input rather than a simple synthesis of information. Just keep this in mind when you produce your EE as a part of IB. 

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