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How can I start preparing for IB in the summer?

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I know the transition from Grade 10 to IB1 is going to be a tough one so I want to start preparing for it now. How do you guys think I should go about doing that?

I can only think of some ways right now:

-Start reading the books on the English HL reading list   (does anybody know what these books might be?)

-Get the IB Chem and Math course companion and go through it to see what's coming up

-brainstorm what activities I could do for CAS

(If it helps, I'm taking HL English, Chem, Psych, Bio and SL Math and French. )

I really want to be productive this summer so I can at least lessen the stress in the first few months of IB. 

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Technically, for IB, you don't need to prepare before hand. It's good that you want to, but at the same time, I'd encourage you to relax (though I'd definitely recommend planning out your CAS activities beforehand - especially your project). If you trust your teachers, then you won't need to actually teach yourself anything beforehand. You should be good.

That being said, if you're not confident with your language, use a programme like Duolingo to master the basics beforehand. It obviously depends on your strengths and weaknesses, but it may help. If you do look through the course companions, try not to stress if things seem difficult - more often than not, when you learn a bit of the course, the rest of it makes sense and it often ties together.

For English, unless you know who your teacher will be and what texts they choose to teach, the only other way you can read the books is if you read all of the reading list which is a little impractical.

Basically, whilst the concept to prepare is good and if you feel you'll stick to it, go ahead and do so, but don't be overtly demanding of yourself. IB is supposed to be a little bit stressful, and it will be (to some extent - most of it depends on how you work throughout the year) regardless of what you do - in my opinion, you may as well enjoy yourself. Good luck with your prep and IB in general!

P.S. If you really want to prepare, I'd also say you should think a little on your EE topic. It may change as you actually begin your subjects as the requirements may be different to expected, but if you just do some brief brainstorming, it may help in the long run - just don't limit yourself to a particular topic.

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Thank you :) Yeah, I think I should be a little less hard on myself in the summer. I use Duolingo for many languages (do you know if, let's say I learn German outside of school online, does it count for CAS?) I'm going to try to read The Stranger in French to build a better vocabulary base. Hmm I do have a few rough EE questions in mind.

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If you've already been learning German, I doubt it'll count as a major for creativity since it's nothing new for you. Also, you have to remember you'll need a supervisor. If you think that you're good enough to teach some basic German to younger kids though, it could be a Service? Perhaps that's something to think on?

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