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Hi, I am wondering what should I pick for IB group two. I will be doing Eng lit for group one, and have to pick one between Spanish language B (I am currently studying it at IGCSE level), and Russian ab initio. 

I will do both group one and group two in SL. So I just want to pick one that is generally easier and more likely to gain a higher mark. ;) 


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If you have experience with Spanish, I'd say Spanish B is the best bet. 

Any ab initio course is a LOT of work and you need to be able to write in that language at the end of 2 years. Many students find this difficult, especially if the languages aren't similar (like Spanish and Russian)

However if you have a lot if support at home or school for studying Russian, then you should try it. Having a tutor/parent check your work or teach you is super helpful. Having just a teacher may not provide enough support unless it's a really good teacher.

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Hi, I think Spanish will be easier for you as you already know a bit of the language. It'll also be more scoring for the same reason.

If you take any language at ab initio and start learning it the moment you start IB, its tough to score well. Another thing to consider is that most schools only teach certain aspects of the language that you need to score in exam so you might end up not learning the language like you expected to do.

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