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Guest Grl5

Hey, I'm just going to start my IB and I am a bit confused as to take whether Psychology or History at the HL.I plan on majoring in Economics at the college level.I would also really appreciate any suggestions about which streams these subjects would open up for me at the college level.

My subjects are-







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Hope you realize that posting the same thing 3 times will not increase your chances of getting a response. You're most likely going to annoy some people, and that's not a good thing. People can see it as spam.

You waited less than 20 minutes before posting the same exact thread again, without allowing others to respond later in the day, or the day after. People aren't here 24/7 so please let them get to you when they have time and something valuable to say in your case. Half-written answer with no clear help won't be helpful, will it?


Since history and psychology have little to do with economics you can do either. The one you like more would be the better option. Bare in mind you'll have 3 HLs which are essay-based, and that will mean a lot of work! You might want to do maths HL to get into a uni in England, so check the requirements before you fully decide on your subjects (and in which country you want to study).


Edit: Dude, stop posting the same thing in different threads. 4 times is way too much. ONE time is more than sufficient!

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18 minutes ago, bb8-m8 said:


If one post is "MORE than sufficient", what is sufficient then? haha 

Finding the entry requirements on google and asking the question to someone who actually knows you, as they can tell you what your strengths are... ;) 

But let's not go off-topic here. 


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