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Paper 2: What can they ask?

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So for Paper 2: RIse and Rule of Single/Authoritarian Party states, what questions can they actually ask?

- Will there always be at least 1 question about the rise to power, or 1 question about consolidation of power?

- Could all the questions be about their policies (e.g. what they did to women/ethnic minorities etc...?)


Pls help, any reply is appreciated !!


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I don't believe there's anything that's actually guaranteed and it depends on what party states you study. My teacher has made a list of past questions relevant to the topics we've studied for Paper 2 (including this topic), so you could ask your teacher if they've got something of that sort?

Selective studying is possible, but I'd strongly recommend against it. Yes, there is a lot of content, but don't put yourself into a position where you'll freak out at the end of year exam.

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Nov 16, right?

In the old syllabus (2010-2016) it specificied the breakdown of the questions: 

  • three questions on named people, themes, topics or events that are listed in the syllabus
  • two open ended questions
  • at least one question addressing social, economic or gender issues

Of these

  • at least one question will be set that demands material from two regions in route 2. This will be indicted either by named examples or by demanding two unnamed examples 
  • any one of the questions may be a comparitive question, or based on a quotation 

On the May 2016 exam, there were questions about the rise/consolidation of power as well as policy questions

(thought I posted this yesterday but I guess I didn't)

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