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TOK Essay: Plagiarism?

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So I am a little nervous with the IB results coming up. One of my concerns is whether or not my TOK is plagiarized in the way that I didn't cite general knowledge claims. Examples include:

-"it  explained  how  DNA  contains  our  identity  encrypted  in  detail  with  variations  of  complex  chemicals" It referring to a book, being told as a personal experience

-"art  appreciation  in  ancient  Rome  was very  distinct  to  that  of  Native  Americans  as  different qualities  defined the  value  of  artistic  material"

-"it  is  not  only  morally  accepted,  but  also  part  of  everyday  life  to  subordinate women  from  men  in  other  places  like  Saudi  Arabia" (I know this sounds very wrong but I wrote this essay last minute)

-"I  have  also  realized  that  even  though  ethical  knowledge  in  Western  Europe  and  in  Eastern  Asia  were  developed  almost  independently,  both  cultures  have  reached  the  same  conclusion  that  murder  and  theft  are  ethically  wrong"

None of these claims are cited as my teacher said that general knowledge claims are fine to not be cited, however, my teacher is not really an IB teacher and he also did not explain well what he meant by general knowledge claims (pretty broad to just mention eh?)

My question is, since most of you guys went to real IB schools (not like mine lol) what do you know about this? am I ok? And if the IB says its plagiarized what happens? I did not use any sources to write the essay, no websites to help me with these claims because they only need common sense and general knowledge, all of it was my own knowledge and according to TurnItIn the entire essay had a similarity of 1%. The entire essay is in my own words, not even quotes!

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