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Physics EE topic help

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Just a bit( well not really) of background info: 

The topic i intend to do for my Physics EE revolves around fluids(covered in the HL Mechanics). Im not sure which research question is easier to do and more suitable for the extended essay, ' How does the radius of a ball bearing falling through a viscous liquid (e.g. motor oil) effect it's terminal velocity?' or , 'How the temperature of the viscous liquid effects the terminal velocity of a ball bearing?': Either way, along with the variable prescribed in either research question, i intend to also test the effect the radius of the tube the ball bearing will be dropped in will have on its terminal velocity.

My main concerns are whether this topic lends itself to the extended essay and also, if its acceptable for the research question to pose a specific focus, say for example the impact of changing oil temperature on the balls terminal velocity, but then deviate into investigating other variables. That being said, can i get away with a really vague research question/focus, e.g. "An Investigation into viscosity and the terminal velocity of spherical objects" and then maybe incorporate the previously mentioned research questions.

A slightly lesser concern is how i'm going to deal with uncertainties, because i haven't much experience with processing data. So, will going over the uncertainties section of my course companion (Chris Hamper) be sufficient? 

Any suggestions or resources would be much appreciated. Sorry for my lack of brevity!

Thank you~~~~~

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