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English Literature SL Written Assignment

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Hi everyone, I'm writing my English Literature SL Written Assignment this summer. I'm studying the text "Death and The Maiden" by Ariel Dorfman and my question is "How does Dorfman uses the gun in Death and The Maiden to explore the theme of female empowerment?"

I'm struggling to have a plan of what to write, so if possible can someone help come up with some ideas of what my points can be in the essay?

Thank you so much.

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Hi Anna, I will give you the help that I can do and if you want, we can dicuss this in msg. I recently did my Written Assignment as I am predicted a 7 so I think I can help. 

Here is how you should work with it. 

What are your three main points?

Per Point, what two quotes do you plan to use?

How does each quote work with the point you are making and the topic a whole?


I hope this helped. I personally did The Metamorphosis for my Written Assignment! I did An Analysis on the Rule of Three in Franz Kafka's "The Metamorphosis".

If you want to message me and we can discuss the little details that would be fine. Oh and make sure to include why the author included it or why it is significant to the author!


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@Merril889 See my problem is I can't come up with 3 different points because they get quite repetitive and I can't seem to come up with something else other than the gun shows power and so it also demonstrates the start of female empowerment (kind of thing)... That's why I was hoping someone could help brainstorm...

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Decide what "female empowerment" means (aspects of empowerment) in the context of the work, then see if you can link the gun to these different aspects. Focus on the idea of empowerment first, then consider what role the gun plays in each of these.

If you really cannot think of anything, then you'll need to find something else. Ideas for what you will write must come from you.

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