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Remarking: All assessments or only selected ones?

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Hi guys,

when we want to remark a subject (e.g. English), are all assessments for that subject remarked (written task, paper 1 and 2, etc.) or just the ones we want to have remarked (e.g. if I only want my english paper 2 remarked)?


Thanks and I hope results came out as you hoped :)

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@bb8-m8You have these options, all except 1:Report are to be submitted by September 15, for July results issuance.
1:Remark: All externally assessments in the subject will be regraded, except for multiple choice questions, or assessments submitted in a previous examination session. 

1: Report: The individual mark awarding will be supplied for your externally assessed materials. Note, your coordinator has immediate access to total marks for each assessment (eg Paper 1, Paper 2). 

2A: across the school, all works of the same component and grade level will be returned, possibly without extensive comments.
2B: for the individual IB candidate, all works of a course or core will be returned, possibly without extensive comments, without the candidate to retain complete copyright over the work (which can be completely through a separate form)

3: Remoderation. As per only coordinator's request, an internally assessed component can be remoderated. 

Marks are subjected to go down, remain the same, or go up after any 1:remark or 3:remoderation. 


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From what my IBC has said, ALL your external assessments get remarked, you do not get to choose which of your assessments you want remarked.

For Group 1 Language & Literature subjects, remarking are only for your Written Tasks, Paper 1, and Paper 2 (FOAs and IOCs are internally assessed works and won't get remarked).

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