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Medicine in China

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Hello ;)


I love Asia as I went on the exchange to Taiwan a few years ago and completely fell for Asian (especially Chinese) culture and languages. I've just finished my IB course this year and today all of us obviously received our scores. I did get 5 in Chemistry, 6 in Biology and 6 in English B (my HL's).


Now I am taking a gap year to earn some money, do stuffs I like etc., but I have to think about my uni. I would like to study medicine and I was thinking about China, however I'm not sure if it's a good idea to actually apply there because from what I read on the Internet Chinese medical schools aren't generally considered as good as say European ones. A sad part is also that many of them require students to have studies physics at school - which I haven't.


So my question is: which Chinese med schools would you recommend except for those very expensive ones like Fudan and those that require physics? This queston is mainly towards people from China but suggestions are welcome from everybody :) Can anybody say anything about e.g. Nantong?

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