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Remarking Question

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Hello! After receiving the IB scores I was bummed out that i got a 23/24 only missing the diploma by 1 point :crying:. I have checked everything and have every requirement except the 24 points to receive the diploma. I saw that remarking was a way to regrade papers to have the possibility to have a higher score. I am currently finding ways to get an extra point through remarking papers for that IB Diploma :D.

Plan A to get 1 point.) So, I received an C on TOK and a D on my EE. I heard that If I were to get a C on both the TOK and EE that I would be eligible for an extra point. In regards to my EE I was only 2 marks off of a C. So my question is, is it worth getting remarked and what are the chances of getting a C?

Also, can you remark papers from a previous year? I took an IB class junior year SL Chemistry and got a 3, was 1 mark off of a 4. wondering if this is eligible for a remark. I know this sounds dumb but I really want that extra point for the IB Diploma :P

Final note, thank you all for helping me through IB! Although, I was never really active and only came to ask for advice in dire situations it was nice to be apart of a community that is very helpful and caring. IB Diploma or not I have no regrets taking IB and will always cherish the knowledge and skills I have gained from this amazing experience. 

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Hi there, 

For your question regarding your TOK and EE I have included the table with the conditions required for bonus points below; and yes if you get a C on your EE, you will obtain 1 Bonus point. 

I do not think you can remarks questions from a previous year, sorry. :(

But If you are 2 marks away from a C for your EE i'd have it remarked,; their is increased chances for it to stay the same or go up, compared to it going down. 


Hope this helps, and I wish you the very best of luck! ^_^



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Thank you for the reply! Since starting this topic I have talked to my guidance counselor and they said that IB does not re-score Extended Essays. I've read on other forums showing students getting their EE remarked and getting a higher score. I am really confused right now whether or not EE can be remarked by IB. 

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The current Handbook of Procedures for the DP, section A.11.2 does not explicitly say that EEs cannot be remoderated. This document is IB-official, and can only be denied if your coordinator brings out a more current edition of the Handbook (which does not seem to exist). 

Quote: "This is a re-mark of externally assessed material for an individual candidate. However, the remarking does not include multiple choice components of an examination in a group 4 subject or components for which a mark has been carried over from a previous session. A re-mark cannot be requested for individual components." It remains ambiguous if EE/ToK are 2 components, or just 1. Reading the entire A.11.2 in context, "subject/level" seem to include EE and ToK, and include them separately. The only reason your EE cannot be regraded, is if it was submitted for a previous examination rather than the current one (May 2016). 

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