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I am about to enroll the IB DP programme by the end of summer. I am a little concerned about my subject combination for being too rigorous. I am up for a challenge, yet a bearable one. In the future, I would like to study at uni in the US. However, I am not sure in what area I may want to study in. But I'm leaning towards Economics/Finance and/or environmental sciences. (Hence why I have both Econ and Bio at HL).

Overall, I was wondering if you could share any thoughts on what you think about my subject combination. Is it reasonable considering my future plans?

Also, as English is my second language, would you suggest me to do B or A2 at HL. Note that I will be having Swedish A2 SL as well. But please leave some thoughts based on experience regarding English B and A2 at HL. I am not that much into literature, to be honest I hardly ever read. But with the right mindset I could still be willing to learn the "literature" part, I just don't want to struggle too much with it since English (language-wise) has otherwise (so far) been a strong subject of mine. 

Could it in general make it easier to have 2 subjects in A2, since the structure may be similar, or is it easier to just have one A2 and the other one as B HL as the workload perhaps becomes less (?). 

Subject combination: 

English B / A2 HL

Economics HL

Biology HL

Math SL

Swedish A2 SL

Physics SL 

Also, what topic did you write your EE on? Simply curious as I have no idea what EE's are all about. Oh and btw, is it possible to write your EE on a combination of two subjects? 

Thanks a lot!!



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Hi there,

Your subject combination as of looks good. (I am unsure what you mean by A1 and A2 though, could you please explain :)

Biology HL, has a large syllabus but it is manageable.

From what I can see, you subject choices look well balanced =D.

If you are interested in environmental sciences though; why not sign up for ESS (environmental systems and societies)? 


For my EE I did a World studies, in Bio HL and ESS SL exploring Asthma in children as a result of pollution. 

Yes you can combine 2 even three subjects, in a World studies EE, however it must explore a global situation happening at the moment. 


Hope this helps, and good luck with your first year of IB! =)



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I agree that it looks balanced and subjects are connected to each other but note that this is not a possible subject combination: you cannot take two subjects from one group twice — so it’s either Biology and Physics or English A and Swedish A. As I responded earlier, I’d recommend English B (especially now that I see all of your choices). Biology HL and Economics HL do have large syllabi and although I didn’t take Physics, I hear that it is not a piece of cake either, even when it’s SL, so it will be good to go for less work in the area that doesn’t hold your interest all that much.

Also, A1 and A2 no longer exist. Now A1 is A Literature and A2 is A Language and Literature, both of them in Group 1 (along with Literature and Performance, only available in English), while B can be HL, SL or Ab Initio, all in Group 2.

I did my EE in English Lang & Lit, it was a comparison of works by Oscar Wilde and Alfred Douglas, and their approach to the subject of Greek love.

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@goingtoib I've already replied to your question in “English B or A2?” topic so you might want to have a look at my response — and in case you have some more questions than what I wrote there, ask away.

Yes, English is my second language. When I started Lang & Lit, I was at C1 level (according to CEFR).

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It looks like a perfectly fine subject combination to me. Some finance courses in Europe would require HL Maths, but I think US doesn't have such requirements. I don't think it will be unbearable, it's a good balance of essay based and science subjects. 

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