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Although i do not take Chem at all, i made the daring choice to take History HL where i am alone aswell. Not sure how your school runs, but at mine, the thing that helped me the most to not dread every lesson in this subject was to create great relations with my teacher. Since you also go to a small school i bet in time, if your teacher is nice, youll even see him/her as a friend by the end of ib. Also, never forget to do your work, links to having good relations to your teacher since he/she is solely counting on you to get good grades and no one else. In the beginning i was very worried too but now i consider myself blessed since i dont need to sit in a class with 20 other sutudents who all have differnet thought processes to me. My teacher can focus on me and me alone.

Make your teacher your friend, remove the "professional gap".

Hope it works out for you!+good luck

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Often with small classes, students don't realize how the typical student will perform, and by extension how they compare to the average. You should probably assume that the content difficulty will be more challenging than whatever you get on the tests. We do have extensive tips in many posts on IBS, definitely search through them when you get the opportunity to.
1) Read the textbook/book, even if skimming, few hours - 1 day before lecture. Come to classes with questions in mind. Ask lots of questions, even if you think they are dumb. 

2) Look to understand the content/structure that the course demands, rather than simply look ways to memorize the facts/relationships on the surface. 

3) Obtain access to a decent size of IB past questions. Never underestimate their power. It is IB's policy to ask teachers to let students take a look at some of these, during appropriate stages of learning. Although IB rarely repeats questions, by practicing past papers you are understanding IB question style and time constraints. If you insist on trying shoes before you buy them, you should practice past IB questions to develop a feel. 

These three are essential to be successful in an IB subject. 



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I found if I read the textbook the day before I didn't even need the teacher. Now that I'm a Chemistry teacher I recommend you read the textbook before class or watch the videos of the topic you will cover. 

My own: Mr Weng website and channel (I also have quizzes on all topics that are free to use)

or others: MSJChem website and channel

Richard Thornley channel

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