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Finished Pre-IB and entering into IB!

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Hi everyone,

First post! I just finished the Pre-IB program at my school and I've decided to stick with IB next year. I'm hoping to challenge myself, as at my school we only have two streams: regular academic or full-out IB (there are no options to do partial IB for certificates!). It's a bit unfortunate because the step from academic to IB is quite large, with no in between options like AP as a bridge. Alongside this, the IB program we do have is organized into regimented streams that we are not allowed to change-- we have to pick a stream number out of the ~50 possibilities that have been premade, and they are not always ideal. For example, it is impossible to take Chemistry HL and French HL in the same stream, and the music program does not exist for IB students.

That said, these are the courses I am currently enrolled in for next year:

- English HL

- French HL

- Histoire SL (taking history in french for the Bilingual Diploma)

- Math SL

- Physics HL

- Chemistry SL

I'm certain I'll be taking a science route for university/career-wise, and currently I would like to become either a pharmaceutical scientist, biomedical engineer, or a doctor of some sort.

I have three questions:

1) How manageable does my course load seem? For those of you who have been through these courses, do you have any suggestions specific to these courses? Anything you wish you would have known going in?

2) Is the bilingual diploma worth it, or would I be better off choosing to do Chemistry HL and French SL? (With French SL I will still be able to do DELF testing, just no bilingual diploma). Could not doing Chemistry at a higher level put me at a disadvantage if I do a chemistry related science program in University?

3) How difficult was Math SL for you personally? What did the portfolios resemble, and were they particularly time consuming?


Thank you for reading! I hope over the next few years I get to know many of you around the site :)


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