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Math IA rough draft I really bullcrapped it

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Ok so we had a math ia rough draft due at the end of school, but I had Junior Nationals to go to and train for (5-7:45 a.m, then come back to the pool, (3:15-5:15), for swimming, because college swimming recruiting starts really soon. So I seriously Bs'ed the Math IA rough draft, like crap (I turned it in a while ago). But I have redone the entire thing because it is summer break, am I still allowed to turn it in, or no because it is a important draft?


I am so worried, you can message me or anything but if you could anwer that would be great! 

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Your draft is just a way for your teacher to give you feedback on the content - IB doesn't have any regulations about it other than you follow your school's hand-in policy. Check with your teacher (they're the best people to ask) but I'm 95% sure you can hand it in.

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