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Math HL IA - Is my topic difficult enough?

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So, I am planning to finish my Math HL IA over the summer. I have already begun on a topic which involves measuring the volumes and surface areas of different tori by deriving equations from solids of revolution in calculus. My math teacher approved of my idea, but I somehow feel uneasy about this topic as it appears too easy. Any thoughts? Do you think calculating the volume of a tori is too easy? Thanks!

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As per all IAs, you should check the suitability of topic by comparing it against the criteria. For example, "Use of Mathematics" criterion wants you to connect multiple topics in math. If you think you can only talk about calculus, then from this criteria, your topic is not doing well. Strictly speaking, the same criterion also asks if topic sufficiently meet HL expectations, which it does. If you feel that you can add an original narrative (as in the results and methodologies are not entirely referenced from an external source) then you will score well in "Personal Engagement". Math teachers will only disapprove of topics that have very low potential to score good marks. 

After my roundabout argument, you should know that there is some potential with your topic to score very high grades. However, the way you approach the IA will dictate what mark you will get. 

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