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Hello people :)

I am just wondering, how hard is it to get at least an 8 in the essay, and does the essay need to be perfect in order to get it?

Are examiners very harsh on marking the essays? 

Thank you.

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No the essay does not need to be perfect to even get a 10. It's not efficient to think of essays as perfect, because they can always be made better, but rather think in terms of existing arguments' strength and organization. The quality needed to achieve 8 or above is quite high, because IB does expect strong, precise claims and counterclaims that are argued persuasively. In May 2015, 7.4% students received A and another 31.8% received B. There seem to an shift to mark with greater expectations, as mark boundaries were lowered slightly from 2014 to 2015 to 2016. 

Because the presentation is also moderated through TK/PPD form, your presentation marks may go down without you knowing it so you can't evaluate the difficulty of essay based on the presentation grade you received. 

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