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Can I manage Bio SL without any prior knowledge of biology?

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Definitely on SL level. If you want to score well, I will suggest you to do prior revision like using study guide

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Honestly I think nearly all IB subjects aside from Further Maths HL is designed in a way that you don't need prior background knowledge to perform well in them. I had zero background in Biology or Chemistry before I entered the DP and I struggled a lot at the start, averaging a 4 and a 3 for them -- yet I was able to secure high 7s for them before closing out the year. 

So in answer to your question, yes you can succeed in Biology SL without ever having taken the subject in the past. In retrospect, Biology's SL content is ridiculously easy (just my personal opinion here; others might have different perspectives) and with some disciplined and regular revision, you'll have no problem getting a 7 on it.

To score well on the subject as a beginner, I'd advise not to stress out when things don't go your way at the start. Pay attention in class (Or not -- actually, its pretty easy to catch up outside of class too). But it saves time when you take your notes in class and understand the concepts then straightaway. 

For resources, I suggest constantly referring to the IB Biology 2016 Syllabus (you can download it here: https://qasmt.eq.edu.au/Curriculum_Documents/Group4/2016-2017/Biology-IB-Guide.pdf) to know what you need to know. I use the Pearson Longman IB Biology textbook for the new syllabus and I recommend it. They're all the resources I mainly use; I also advise using Youtube/Khan Academy to help explain slightly more complex stuff like impulse propagation and action-potentials -- that's also as hard as SL Biology gets, which isn't much. 


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