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Hi everyone!

my brother is 3 marks away from a 6 in SL economics, and 9 from a 4. He thought he did really well, so he's considering requesting a remark. 

We got the mark breakdown:

paper 1: 33 (scaled=26.4) which is a 6
paper 2: 18 (scaled=18) which is a 4 and his lowest
internal assessment: 34 (scaled=15.1) which is a 6 

do you think we should remark? Is there a real risk that his mark could go down to a 4? 

Thank you so much!! 

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As both Paper 1 and Paper 2 get remarked, there is a somewhat decent chance for 3 extra marks to be obtained (note though, that this isn't a guarantee and may not likely be the most likely case scenario as well). That said, he would be unlikely in the extreme to receive an overall 4. 

Is his SL Economics grade vital in meeting a conditional offer/university requirement? If he already has all that he requires, you may want to take that into consideration as well. 

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