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UCAS receiving IB results

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Hey guys

I've recently just received my IB results and I have selected my firm and insurance choice on UCAS. I then sent my IB results directly to the universities via the IB website. 

I was just wondering if I was supposed to send it to UCAS and how does UCAS get these results?

Does the uni update my confirmation on the UCAS website if i send the results directly to them?

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When you made your account on UCAS you could chose if your results were sent directly to UCAS. If you didn't do this, I believe that on the results website you can edit a preference so that your results are sent electronically. (UCAS receives the results electronically)  

To answer your question though, I think its fine if you sent it directly to your UNI and not to UCAS; but, to be sure, check with your Uni counsellor or IB coordinator.

Hope this helps ^_^

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