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Hey guys! So I'm starting IB next year, and I thought it'd be a nice idea to create a chat where people can discuss the IB and help each other with revision. I feel as though one of the advantages of having a Skype chat as opposed to talking on the forums is that it's a lot more "instant" on Skype and also more convenient. If any of you are interested in the chat, please feel free to join via the link below :) As of this moment, there's no one in the chat, but hopefully that will change! I don't really care who joins - first and second year IB students can join, as well as any alumni.

I really hope this will turn into something useful! :D However, if this is an unpopular idea and no one really wants to do a Skype chat, then I'm probably going to remove the link. :(


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9 hours ago, tannpirkar said:

Nice! I Just joined ;)) I think this is a really good idea as long as the group is not too big.     

Great! :) There's around 30 people in the group if I'm not mistaken, but over half the people are inactive, so I'd say it's a pretty small group.

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